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Photos provided by Heidi Schwiebert and used with permission.

Devil’s Den is a must-visit for people who love to add some adventure and excitement in their lives. This popular diving and snorkeling site lies within Levy County and is a part of the Nature Coast region of Florida. The privately-owned recreational facility offers many intriguing activities to create a memorable travel experience for you and your family. Its ancient rock formations, crystal-clear waters, remarkable fossil beds, and underwater passages are just some of the interesting features of Devil’s Den. You can even book lodging at nearby Two Hawk Hammock.

Devils Den 03Some history and facts about Devil’s Den

Formed after the collision of a natural roof covering a river, Devil’s Den is a sinkhole that is being operated as a facility for scuba diving and training. Originally, this opening was quite small and was not easily accessible for people; it was enlarged in the nineties for better access. Since it is fed by underground springs, the water inside this cave constantly remains at 72°F all year round.

During cold winter mornings, the steam rises from the cave entrance – much like smoke from a giant chimney. This seemed like a chimney from Hell according to the early white settlers, who gave it the name “Devil’s Den”. There are four underwater passages inside this cave, extending to almost 100 feet under the water surface. One of the passages is called “Chamber 3” and it was here that human and animal remains were found along with several ancient artifacts.

According to experts, some of the animal remains included the remains of saber-toothed cats, camels, dire wolves, horses, Florida spectacled bears, and many more. Some of these animal remains are believed to be associated with the human remains, which dates back to about 7,500 BC. Revive your passion for adventure by exploring these intriguing underwater passages and ancient fossil beds.

Two Hawk HammockAdditional information

Before visiting Devil’s Den with your friends and family, you must make all the proper arrangements for a fun and fuss-free vacation. There are several choices of accommodation in the area; including cabins and double wide trailers that can be arranged according to the number of people you have in your group. You can even rent fully-hooked camping sites and R.V sites close to the area. There are several places nearby offering most of the basic services and supplies you would or might require, such as laundry service, pharmacies, and restaurants.

Devils Den 02

To go diving in Devil’s Den you need to be Open Water certified and you must have had proper training. In case you require the services of a scuba diving instructor, make sure the instructor you choose has a valid and current Instructor Card that has been provided by a Certification Agency. Make sure all these things are checked before you begin your trip to Devil’s Den, Florida.



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