Local Artist Mike Segal

Levy Living is pleased to partner with local artist, Mike Segal, and share some of his wonderful art lessons with our readers and fans.

Artist Mike Segal has put together numerous art lessons that were given to students both in western North Carolina schools and here in our local area for students from second to twelfth grades. This particular lesson on changing medium and sculpture is a design concept art lesson. Mike’s lesson, which you can download below, will teach you how to:

  • Sculpting geometric shapes
  • Using the sculpture as a drawing model
  • Developing three dimensional cognitive skills

As for materials for this lesson, White air dry clay, white drawing paper, and a pencil.

You can download Mike Segal’s art lesson on Medium and Sculpture here! If you are new to Mike’s art lessons, you might like to watch the video below as Mike gives an introduction to the lessons he has developed.

Feel free to share a photo of your completed art project when you get it done! You can upload a photo of your completed project here.

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Trouble viewing? Try pausing the video until the gray bar buffers or switch to a lower playback quality.

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