There’s something abuzz on the blogosphere and on the pulsing update threads of Facebook. Scott DeBerry, owner of DeBerry Marketing Services, and Alan Harmon, associate pastor at Fanning Springs Community Church and owner of Harmon Promotional Products, have pooled their creative juices to explore grass roots racing along the Nature Coast in a production they call Family Roots Racin’. The Harmon Family is fully engulfed with the passion of trophy-series, stock car racing at local tracks along the Nature Coast.

“Our families had lunch together one Sunday afternoon and I was talking to Alan about some of the new video production techniques I had been working on. One thing lead to another and we decided to team up to put together a local video series exploring grass roots racing,” Scott DeBerry explains.


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Alan grew up with racing, watching his dad race stock class at local tracks in central Florida. Eventually Alan started racing as well. Now father of four himself, Alan is pleased that his older son, Tyler, has started to race and the family has a renewed interest in racing. “It’s great when all of the family gets involved. It’s a lot of fun!”

Filming of the series, which will be broadcast online starting later this year, has already started. “We’ve had one full production session and we’re planning two more to generate enough footage for three to four short episodes fans will be able to stream and watch online for free,” DeBerry explained.

This is a totally unfunded project and DeBerry and Harmon intend to just have fun as Harmon explains, “We’ve discussed and both agree on our intention to simply have fun, help promote grass roots racing, hone our story telling skills, and produce something that our fans, friends, and family will enjoy watching.”

Although we know the first episode will explore the family tradition of racing and expand on some family dynamics, the topics that will be covered in the forthcoming episodes, so far, are a closely guarded secret. Nonetheless the pair promise that viewers will be well entertained. “There’s too much natural comedy in our family’s daily life to allow for anything less,” assures Harmon.


You can watch the draft promo for Family Roots Racin’ above and be sure to LIKE the official Facebook fan page to be kept informed as this project develops.

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