Levy County Kitchen

01Feb 2016

IN A STEW by Dotti Hydue Welcome to the Levy County Kitchen. My stew pot has been put to good use the last few weeks. Its long-simmering contents has filled the house with fragrant aromas and my belly with warming soups and stews. Actually I have several pots that allow for the slow cooking of […]

24Dec 2015

HOLIDAY FOOD TRADITIONS by Dotti Hydue   Welcome to the December Levy County Kitchen. What wonderful fragrances drift through the house as I prepare my favorite Christmas cookies and baked goods. The emphasis on sweets during the Christmas season dates back to medieval times when cooks saved their very best—and expensive—ingredients for the holidays. Sugar […]

20Nov 2015

GIVING THANKS by Dotti Hydue Welcome to the Levy County Kitchen. Even though Thanksgiving comes but once a year, we should make it a point to be grateful every day. Be grateful you have a warm bed to sleep in and that you woke up today. Appreciate the little daily events that bring a smile […]

11Oct 2015

RESERVATIONS by Dotti Hydue WELCOME to the Levy County Kitchen. Autumn is finally here but our warm temperatures still make turning on the oven a non-event at my house. It’s about this time of year that my creativity and energy for preparing meals start to lag. A recent comic strip echoed my feelings. In the […]

14Sep 2015

WELOME AUTUMN by Dotti Hydue My sisters up in Michigan will soon be harvesting pumpkins and gourds as autumn draws near. Cider mills will open, enticing visitors with fresh cider, crisp apples, apple dumplings, and homemade jams and jellies. I know fall is approaching along the Nature Coast by the smell of peanuts that have […]

31Jul 2015

Keeping it Simple by Dotti Hydue WELCOME to the Levy County Kitchen. As the dog days of summer slowly pass, I am less and less inclined to spend time in the kitchen concocting meals. This is the time of year when light, simple meals are a welcome change from heavier fare. Salads made with crispy […]

26Jun 2015

Strike Up the Band! by Dotti Hydue Welcome to the sizzling hot Levy County Kitchen. Whew, I hope you all are staying cool while out and about. Memorial Day might signal the unofficial start of summer, but for me, July 4 heralds it loud and clear. Parades, barbecues, picnics, concerts, family gatherings, and fireworks are […]

22May 2015

A TOAST TO DADS EVERYWHERE by Dotti Hydue Memorial Day is early this year. Our first official weekend of summer is chock full of events every dad will love, including NASCAR, Indianapolis 500, and baseball games, along with outdoor recreation all along the Nature Coast. Take care to not forget the real reason for this […]

02Apr 2015

Eggsactly! by Dotti Hydue WELCOME TO THE LEVY COUNTY KITCHEN. The 2015 spring season officially began the evening of March 20th. You didn’t have to tell those of us residing in Florida. Temperatures in the 80s were a sure sign, along with the high pollen counts and the bright blooms on azaleas, camellias, and other […]

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