McLeroy Gallery

Sheri Marsh McLeroy

Welcome to Levy Living’s photo gallery for our photo contributor, Sheri Marsh McLeroy.

About Sheri:

“Native to Levy County. I am not a farm girl, more of a river rat.  I spent most  of my childhood on the banks of the Lower Suwannee, living at Vista (Fowlers Bluff).  The Lower Suwannee refuge was just part of my backyard when I was a child.   I find joy in photographing the wildlife and landscapes of Levy County. I can not imagine a place that could have as much natural beauty as this area.  Hope you do not mind seeing Cabbage palms because they appear in a large portion of my landscapes, just seems natural for a girl raised in the swamp.”


We will be updating this gallery with more of Sheri’s photographs soon! Check back often.

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