Enjoy this brief Shell Mound video adventure as we explore the trails and boating at Shell Mound near Cedar Key. Read the full article on Shell Mound here.

Trouble viewing? Try pausing the video until the gray bar buffers or switch to a lower playback quality.

Levy Living recently explored the trails and boating at Shell Mound near Cedar Key, Florida. We documented our afternoon and edited the footage into a brief five-minute tour of what we saw. We hope you will enjoy this brief video adventure; and venture out yourself to explore the nature and beauty at Shell Mound.

SHELL MOUNDS, or middens, are heaps of debris formed by ancient cultures who lived or spent significant amounts of time along the shorelines coastal areas. The mounds may contain artifacts of daily living such as pottery shards and broken tools mixed in with the bones of deer, fish, and birds, and discarded oyster, clam, and whelk (large sea snails) shells. Some mounds may be burial sites while others may have been used for ceremonies. Numerous mounds, rings, and ridges are found along Levy County’s Gulf Coast, and scientists think some of them were constructed as protection against storms or to provide altitude as a landmark for boaters returning to their villages.

Read the full article on Shell Mound here.

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  1. This is a fascinating place that has changed much since I was a child, so enjoy it while you can. Pam Darty, of the Lower Suwannee Wildlife Refuge is a great historian on Indian culture in this area.


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